How to Make Reflective Shoes with Reflective Acrylic Leather Paint (in 4 easy steps!)

Reflective shoes are becoming a popular trend as more people look to add a unique dimension to their sneakers. For example: white midsoles coated in white reflective paint appear normal in daylight, but reflect a brilliant white when light shines on them at night.


A mixture of acrylic leather paint and reflective powder, ViziGlow’s Reflective Acrylic Leather Paint is perfect for adding a reflective element to your shoes and sneakers. Click here to view our product!


Here are 4 easy steps for making your shoes reflect. Watch our video below!
  1. Prep the shoe by rubbing pure acetone along the rubber. This removes any residue that will keep the paint from properly adhering.
  2. Add masking tape along the perimeter of the application area to ensure clean lines.
  3. Apply Reflective Acrylic Leather Paint in thin, even coats. 2-3 coats is suggested. Allow each coat to dry before layering more.
  4. Let the paint dry, then gently remove the masking tape.





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