About: Reflective Airport Beads

About: Reflective Airport Beads

Airport Reflective Glass Beads reflect brighter than any other glass bead. In fact, these Type 3 airport beads are specifically designed to illuminate lines on airport landing strips to help pilots land safely - hence the name!

This intense retro-reflectivity is made possible through the use of virgin glass and a high-tech manufacturing process that results in a Type 3 bead with a 1.93 refractive index. ViziGlow's Airport Beads are the brightest and most durable glass bead you can buy.


  • FAA and ICAO approved
  • US Federal Spec. TT-B-1325D Type 3
  • 1.93 ND Refractive Index
  • Size: 20-50 mesh (300-850 microns)

When it comes to application, it's important that the surface area of each glass bead is exposed to light to create retro-reflectivity. Even a clear coat of paint over top of the beads can drastically diminish reflectivity. We recommend generously sprinkling the beads over a wet coat of paint as the preferred method of application.

Our airport beads are manufactured in the U.S.A and available in several sizes. Visit https://viziglow.com/categories/airport-beads/ to order.

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