How to Use Reflective Fabric Paint on Your Clothing

Fabric paint allows you to create unique designs on your clothing and accessories. Reflective fabric paint makes your designs even more distinctive and fun. In natural light, reflective paint appears a flat color, but it reflects brightly at night when exposed to light.

Because of this effect, reflective fabric paint can also add safety by improving visibility. For example, painting a fun design on your children’s clothing can protect them by making them visible to drivers while playing outside at night.

ViziGlow offers two colors of Reflective Acrylic Fabric Paint – white and silver. White has a more subtle, almost translucent, quality that reflects a bright white in the dark. Silver is more reflective, reflecting a bright white/gold in the dark. Click here to view our products!

Simply paint on, set with an iron, and wear!

How to add reflective acrylic fabric paint to your clothing:

  1. Pre-wash your fabric, making sure to avoid using fabric softeners
  2. Sketch your design on your fabric beforehand or use stencils for accuracy
  3. Stir paint well before use to ensure reflective particles are well incorporated
  4. Apply fabric paint in thin, even coats. Apply more coats as needed to achieve opacity. * do not layer other paint over reflective paint as this will dull reflectivity *
  5. After paint has dried, set with an iron to ensure long lasting results
  6. Wait at least 7 days to machine wash your fabric

Watch our video below to see the process!

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