How to Make Your Dog More Visible at Night – Reflective Iron-On Material

Many companies are manufacturing dog collars and harnesses with reflective elements as pet owners seek to make their pups as safe as possible at night. If you want to DIY your own collars and harnesses with reflective elements, it’s easy to do with reflective iron-on material!

This material allows you to create intricate shapes and designs to fit your specific piece. Click here to view ViziGlow’s Reflective Iron-on Material!

Here are 4 easy steps for adding reflective iron-on material to your pet’s gear. Watch the video below to see the process!
  1. Trim the material to fit your harness or collar
  2. Peel away blue backing
  3. Firmly iron the material into place. Important – leave clear top layer on while ironing. If removed, the material will be damaged.
  4. Peel away clear top layer



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